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Escape Game 

Devenez-vous aussi Sherlock Holmes

Escape Game

« When culture meets entertainment »


What is an Escape Game?


Book the time and day of your Escape Game 

Get Ready

Arrive 10 minutes before the start of your investigation


Find yourself locked up for 60 minutes


Find the clues and solve our enigmas


Solve the investigation and escape in time 


Celebrate the end of your investigation over a drink

Qu’est-ce qu’est un Escape Game ?


Book the time and day of your Escape Game 


Arrivez 10 minutes avant le début de votre enquête


Retrouvez-vous enfermés pendant 60 minutes 


Trouvez les indices et résolvez nos énigmes                                   


Résolvez l’enquête et échappez-vous à temps


Célébrez la fin de votre enquête autour d’un verre

Our assets 

Exceptional place

Enjoy yourself in a unique place 

Intense enigmas

Will you manage to escape in time ?

Affordable price

A unique experience at low cost

Activity for everyone

An ideal way to spend time with friends and family

Nos atouts 

Lieu exceptionnel

Amusez-vous dans un cadre unique

Énigmes intenses

Will you succeed in escaping in time ?

Prix raisonnable

Une expérience unique à faible coût

Activité pour tous

Un moyen idéal pour passer du temps entre amis et en famille

Opinion of our inspectors

  • Bravo, we had an excellent time as improvised investigators! Beautiful riddles, a place which does not leave one indifferent...
    We believed it ! Good continuation to "Closigma" I love the concept 

    Bernard Masson
  • It was great, a real professional Escape Game! Won't you become a « company » in time ?

    Virginie Giele
  • Wow, first Escape Game for us, but a real discovery! And for a place that doesn't allow technical means like the fixed and well-established Escapes
    Games, we needed enigmas with a link, a catchy place, a shock team, nice and welcoming and we had everything at the same time.
    What motivation, what enthusiasm and what investment from these six students of retho.
    Congratulations to all six of you and best wishes for your second session. You made us want to start again, that's all...

    Michel Thiry
  • Bravo ! Well thought out, very nice decor ! Great!

    Harmonie Meunier
  • It was great ! We'll keep a nice souvenir ! Congratulations to you.

    Manon & Hugo
  • A great experience that reminds us of the importance of
    communication in everyday life!

    La Team Carolo
  • Great time with you, puzzles at the top! You had great ideas!
    Congratulations again !!

    La Team Neuroy
  • Excellent project! It was a great experience!
    Thanks to the Closigma team for this great discovery in a place full of stories...

    La great déduction Team
  • Very good riddles, a vast and very mysterious place and a fascinating thread!

  • A great experience, to be enjoyed without moderation as a family...



Thank you very much !

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